Artisan Ice Pops

Hand made in small batches

With the beautiful Pacific Northwest as our playground, we are inspired by the bounty around us to create amazing flavor combinations using as many local and seasonal ingredients as we can. Week in and week out we scour every corner of Kitsap county and beyond to find the best ingredients we can from local farmers and producers.

Our delicious ice pops are always made with fresh, seasonal, organic produce, high quality water or dairy, and organic palm sugar. To keep our pops wholesome and natural, we never use artificial coloring, or preservatives.


About Us

The Cool Pops Movement

We believe the most amazing experiences are created through the moments we share around food. At Cool Pops, we are committed to provide the most unique, wholesome frozen treats, and great service with a cool friendly smile to help you create amazing memories on any occasion.

The Journey

Hi, I'm Rene aka Chef Slo. Cool Pops is the culmination of my life long journey for identity in food. I have been cooking since I was 6 years old, and sweets have always been near and dear to my heart. I created Cool Pops as a way for me to let my inner child play with food and create unique pop flavors. My hope is that through my ice pops you would be transported to your childhood, and you too would let your inner child play. I challenge you to let your guard down and try all of our cool and wild flavor combinations.


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